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We create effective videos for businesses who want to stand out.

Laforet Film & Creative is a leading-edge, Branford, Ontario based video production company that helps businesses get attention, attract viewers and convert them into customers.

These Companies Trust Us With Their Video Production Needs 

Laforet Film & Creative Video Production Services Testimonial.png

“I did my homework, looked at a bunch of different vendors and I just kept coming back to Laforet Film & Creative.


We spend a lot of time with Geoff and his team and they helped us identify where we wanted to be…not where we were, but where we wanted to go. 


I was extremely pleased with the results and Geoff and his very collaborative team absolutely knocked it out of the park.”

–Jeff Jones, President of Smile Endowment

Our 3-Step Method to Making Outstanding Videos


Step One: Discovery

We learn everything there is to know about your brand and your customers (like...eeeeeverything).

Using our proven process, we identify your business and marketing goals to make the right videos that will get the job done.


Step Two: Concept

We then develop an awesome concept and strategy and write a video script to meet your exact marketing needs.


Step Three: Create

Finally, using our modern, versatile approach to production, we create awesome videos that get you attention, clicks, and sales.

Let's Get Started!

Laforet Film & Creative Video Production Testimonial.png

"Working with Laforet Film & Creative was very enjoyable and super easy to do. The outcome of our brand video and website was incredible and beyond everything we had hoped for!


Excellent customer service, they went the extra mile by having lots of additional footage and looking for customer feedback and ideas. Overall excellent experience!"

–Jacquie Waechter, Owner of Huron Feeding Systems

Video Works.
We Can Make it Work for You.

Brand Videos

We create branded videos that make you unforgettable to your target market.

Educational Videos

Educational videos that establish you as the thought leader in your industry, building credibility with your audience.

Product Videos

We create product videos that stop people in their scroll so they can learn more about your products or services.

Fundraising Videos

Purpose built videos for charitable nonprofits, associations, and mission-driven organizations who want to empower audiences to action.

Explainer Videos

We create explainer videos that show how you solve your customers' problems better than anyone else.

Social Media Videos

If you need something bold or unconventional to get the attention of social media users, we'll help you create video ads that not only rack up hashtags, tweets, shares and likes, but convert customers, too.

At Laforet Film & Creative, we understand modern advertising and built our video agency to be nimble, versatile, and strategic. Our team of highly skilled creators are able to make the right video content for every stage of your sales and marketing funnels.


We've delivered leading video content for over 20 years.
We have strength, depth and experience. If you want a like-minded video partner who can help shape the future for your organization,
let’s chat.

What’s your story?

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