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Closed Caption Creator


Closed Caption Creator is a broadcast technology company specializing in closed captioning, subtitle, and audio description solutions for all industries using video.

The Challenge

A technology start-up offering a unique product - Closed Caption Creator approached us to produce a series of explainer videos that would educate users on their product and increase subscriber retention.

The Approach

Being a brand new company, Closed Caption Creator leaned on Laforet Film & Creative to strategize an overall video brand look and feel. Then, we took on the role of technical writing, becoming learners of the software ourselves with a focus on user experience. We crafted copy for instructional and educational videos, teaching users how to use the key features in the product. Once these videos were rolled out, we created video ads for YouTube to drive traffic from the target audience for new sales.

The Results

Investing in quality video can help businesses that offer even the most niche products on the market improve brand image and increase ad performance. The results were immediate… a 33% increase in subscription retention in the first month with new subscribers doubling month over month

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