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Huron Feeding Systems


Huron Feeding Systems is Ontario Canada’s leading supplier of crop management solutions specializing in sales, service, and installation of Grain Bins, Elevators, Crop Dryers, Mills, Feed Tanks, and Augers.

The Challenge

Family owned and operated for more than 40 years, Huron Feeding Systems has earned a reputation as the trusted source for Ontario’s agricultural and brewing communities. When the decision was made to transition their business into the next generation of family ownership, Huron Feeding Systems turned to us to help refresh their online presence and increase brand awareness.

The Approach

At Laforet Film & Creative, we do much more than just filming, directing and editing…we want to be your business ally. Our aim is to identify your business and communication goals and help you achieve them.


Our first priority was to meet with both the current and future generation of owners to gain an understanding of their business, assess their current marketing strategies and listen to their vision for the future. With a strategic focus on generating brand awareness, it was important to showcase both their proud connection to the community as well as their commitment to superior sales and service.


In an effort to help offset their capital investment, we suggested taking advantage of the The Agri-Food Open for E-Business targeted intake program, a five-year federal- provincial-territorial initiative to strengthen the agriculture, agri-food and agri- products sectors, and increase their competitiveness, prosperity and sustainability. The Agri-Food Open for E-Business targeted intake would provide a grant to help businesses/organizations quickly expand their marketing channels and respond to new market challenges, increase online sales in the sector and provide consumers with access to more local food.

Joe Service.png

We assessed their current online presence and our in-house team began crafting communications and developing an entirely new website featuring fresh product photography and video marketing material. We focused on streamlining the overall user experience, with clear “calls to action” and making pertinent information, like sales and service contacts, easy to find. We optimized content for search engines, (SEO or Search Engine Optimization) and tracked the analytic data using Google Analytics.

Our skilled One Man Crew travelled to various grain operations throughout southwestern Ontario, gathering fresh product photography and video marketing material both on the ground and in the air, crafted a concise homepage hero video that could also easily be shared on social media.

"Working with Laforet Film & Creative was very enjoyable and super easy to do. The outcome of our website and promo video was incredible! Its very professional looking and beyond everything we had hoped for! Excellent customer service, they went the extra mile by having lots of additional footage and looking for customer feedback and ideas. Overall excellent experience!"


Jacquie Waechter - Huron Feeding Systems

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